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Non-functioning Planetarium

I actually gave this gift rather than receive it. The poor recipient was my three-year-old son. On the box it looked cool, and while I wasn’t expecting miracles in the price range (it was on sale for about $50), it did expect a few distinguishable constellations.

What I got was a piece of garbage that probably cost about 20-cents to produce. The little flashlight light-bulb produces approximately enough lumens to project a recognizable star field on a piece of paper held a few inches away. It made me wonder where it was supposed to use the thing.

As you can see from the picture, I have tatami mats under foot, because I live in Japan. The houses/apartments here do a lot with a limited amount of space. I tried it in my bedroom, which is a six mat room (9 foot x 12 foot) and in my tiny 4 1/2 mat guest room (9 foot x 9 foot) with no success.

When I turn the thing on, all I get are little blobs of oddly shaped light and disappointment.

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