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Christmas Birthday Boy

I am a Christmas baby so I am used to birthday parties full of dual purpose gifts…happy birthday and merry christmas on the same present. When I was ten my Aunt and Cousin arrived at my party two hours late. She handed me an unopened and unwrapped pack of white athletic socks with a used […]
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Slightly Used Thong

I opened the box to see a lacy thong and was quite embarrassed that my mother in law had gotten it for me. The yearly gift opening was a one at a time hold it up and show everyone what you got kind of thing. So I am holding it up when she says..” I […]
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Vietnamese Garlic Chili Sauce

Wrapped in a giant box, with layers and layers of cardboard and newspaper unraveled to reveal a single jar of chili sauce.
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Cornbread….because you love my cornbread, Sweetie! Auntie K

A piece of cornbread in my stocking from my Aunt because she thought I loved her cornbread so much….well, yeah, but not as a present when you’re 10!
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Magazine Subscription

I got a subscription for the 3rd year to a magazine I don’t even read. I don’t like to waste money on celebrity gossip that I don’t care about. I really don’t care how many women Tiger Woods has been with. [Image]
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Pokemon Underpants

This is a story about my younger brother getting an awful gift. He and I were 8 and 10 when Pokemon was really big, so of course we got almost all Pokemon-themed gifts that year for X-mas. We got gifts from my aunt and uncle, which was already a surprise because they rarely ever sent […]
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My Pet Fat

Over the course of the year when I was going out with my NOW Ex-boyfriend I gained 5-10 pounds. Being the ass that he is, he decided to buy me this fat replica for Xmas that he apparently saw on CNN. He felt it would motivate me to loss weight. I did lose weight, the […]
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Well Endowed Sheep Figurine

I was teaching first grade in Beijing, China when the New Year was the year of the Sheep. My first grade class excitedly presented me with a gift for Chinese New Year. Normally it isn’t protocol to open a gift in front of the giver in China, but the kids were so excited they were […]
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Magazine pullout

I visited my nieces house for Christmas and brought gifts for my sister, brother, two nieces AND their husbands and a gift card for the Grand Niece who was ten. The ten year old ran up to me a half hour later with a small ‘gift bag’ with my name scribbled on it and I […]
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