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Wool Pants + No liner = ER visit

Welcome to Really Bad Gift (RBG). Everyone has received a really bad gift in the past or present and some have even given one (or more). This site is meant to be the showcase for these objects and I hope you submit your own bad gifts either via Twitter, Facebook or our submission form. The purpose of the site is to share your pain and maybe have a laugh, but the laughing will be with you, not at you. As one of the creator’s of the site I feel it’s my job to get the party started so here is my story behind my RBG. Enjoy.

I received my really bad gift when I was around 8 from my Grandmother for Christmas. She decided to give some funky wool pants with no liner which I hated (I wish they had the green tiger liner like the one pictured on the left). My parents demanded I wear the pants over to my Grandparents house who were having a dinner at their place over the holidays. I complained how itchy these damn pants were but my parents made me wear them anyway. I kept on itching my legs and complaining but my parents refused to listen. When I got home I ripped those pants off as soon as I was inside the door. I took one look at my legs and I started to scream, they were very red and swelling fast. My Mom started to cry , my Dad started to panic and my brother was shouting you killed him. Off to the ER and a couple doses of Epi and Benadryl, I was as good as new. I warned my parents if they ever made me wear clothes against my will, I was going to report them to the “Humane society.” A warning they took serious because they never made me wear anything I didn’t like or at least without having Benadryl on standby.

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