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Old Spice Bear Deodorant Protector

When the fine people of Old Spice created the Bear Deodorant Protector they had to know that it was destined to end up on a site that features really bad, crappy gifts. When I first saw it, I actually thought it was a joke but I promise you this product is real and as scary […]
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Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set

My Mother-in-law felt we needed to spruce up our place with “more Christmas cheer”. This in her mind is how you add more xmas cheer, a Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set. When my husband first saw it he started laughing so hard, he almost chocked on a gummy bear. I guess nothing says […]
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Mr. Jones Wacth, The Accurate

The Accurate Watch from Mr. Jones would not make for a great father’s day gift unless your father owns a funeral home. From the product page: This is the most accurate wristwatch you can buy – the hour hand reads “remember”, the minute hand “you will die”. Price: $150
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Mustaches look bad on men, awful on women and just simply really bad on cars. Price: $40
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Thanko Keyboard Quiet cover

The Thanko Keyboard Quiet cover is just simply bad on so many levels. If you want to piss off the geek on your Xmas list, which basically means you will now have no one to fix your printer and other computer problems, go ahead and give them this keyboard cover. Price: $36
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Superman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

What could be worse than receiving a Slanket as a gift? Getting one that looks like a Superman outfit
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Chia Obama Handmade Decorative Planter

The Chia pet is already a classic bad gift, the only thing that could make it worse is getting one that doesn’t even remotely look like the president of the US of A. Price: $20
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Leather Beer Holster

I don’t know know who would wear one of these, but if you know of someone they may have a problem with alcohol. In the spirit of the Wild West, this holster keeps his beer ready for a quick draw whenever the need arises. Made of rugged leather, it snaps onto any standard belt and […]
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Companion Pillow

Giving the companion pillow to someone is basically telling that person” I know that you ‘re a loner.” Ouch. From the company site: “This is the pillow that holds you when your partner cannot. Shaped like a man’s torso, the pillow has a flexible arm that wraps around you as you lie on its burly, […]
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And The Winner Is….

Well, we have 2 winners, My Pet Fat and Cornbread. The Cornbread post received the most votes. My Pet Fat had the highest rating of 4.56/5  compared to Cornbread which had a score of 4.46/5. The one true interesting fact was no other story received as many pageviews as the My Pet Fat story. In […]
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Air Leg Massager

I told my Mom ONCE that my legs were feeling cold around Christmas time. Which is not very unusual since I live in Canada and the winters are cold. She interpreted this into a Christmas present request and she ended up buying me this absolutely crazy looking air leg massager. I guess they some how […]
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Wool Pants + No liner = ER visit

Welcome to Really Bad Gift (RBG). Everyone has received a really bad gift in the past or present and some have even given one (or more). This site is meant to be the showcase for these objects and I hope you submit your own bad gifts either via Twitter, Facebook or our submission form. The […]
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